Jennie: Creativity and Thoughtfulness

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Jennie, Volunteer_DLNTwo years ago, before we even started to plan our year-end celebration, Jennie called to offer to help out the night of the event. It was great timing as we had already decided to honour Jennie with our Volunteer of the Year Award that night. In true Jennie fashion, she was nowhere to be found when the award was announced. She had been greeting guests and when people asked whether there would be a door prize Jennie left her post to get one so no one would be disappointed.

Thoughtful around the little things, Jennie is actually a big picture thinker. For example, she initiated and led an evening computer drop-in program at Dartmouth Learning Network for several years. Because it was volunteer led it could be flexible to the needs of the community and could be operated at minimal cost to us.  Now, she sits on our board and regularly steps up to contribute to new initiatives big and small. We are grateful recipients of Jennie's creativity and thoughtfulness.

Thanks to former staff member Tyler Colbourne who created our volunteer video series.

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