Volunteer Profiles

Margaret Rockwell

Margaret Rockwell

Margaret began volunteering with the Dartmouth Learning Network in 2001, the year she retired after 32 years of teaching in the public school. She holds two Masters degrees in education, continues to work part time for Mount Saint Vincent University in teacher-training, and considers herself a lifelong learner. Margaret has helped to organize fund raisers (Word for Word) for DLN, has served on the Board of Directors, but derives most satisfaction as a tutor. A firm believer in multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles, Margaret has great respect and admiration for the students with whom she works as a DLN tutor. “It's also fun, and the students are interesting, interested people!” says Margaret.

In her spare time Margaret reads, paints, volunteers with MISA, walks Riley and delights in the new joys of being a grandmother!

Community Learning Program Mission, Vision and Values

To provide adults with the highest quality of individual academic support possible, free of charge, thereby creating opportunities to increase their knowledge, improve their skills and develop confidence.

That every adult is supported to engage in life-long learning, at home, at work and within their family and is able to confidently access information and opportunities to their fullest potential in every area of their lives.


  • Personal Experience
  • Life-long Learning
  • Individual Learning Needs
  • Continual Personal Improvement & Renewal
Volunteer Qualifications
  • High School Diploma/GED Certificate or equivalent, with good reading and writing skills
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Ability to take direction and to work collaboratively with staff and other volunteers
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality; have patience; be non-judgemental
  • Be 19 years or older

Volunteer Screening

The Dartmouth Learning Network is committed to providing a safe environment for our learners, staff, and volunteers. We follow the Standard of Care: Ten Steps of Screening – The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement To that end we support and follow Volunteer Canada’s Volunteer Screening Guidelines. We will assess each volunteer assignment based on the following criteria:
  • Who is the participant?
  • What activities does the volunteer assignment entail?
  • Where will the volunteer assignment take place?
  • What will be the level of supervision during the volunteer assignment?

Each potential volunteer will be required to:
  • Complete a volunteer application form
  • Attend an interview
  • Attend a volunteer orientation
  • Attend specific training relevant to the volunteer activity they will be undertaking
  • Attend quarterly training/information sessions held by Dartmouth Learning Network
  • Complete a Criminal Records Check (based on volunteer activity)
Dartmouth Learning Network will:
  • Provide each volunteer with a meaningful volunteer assignment that reflects their skills, interests, needs and background.
  • Provide a clearly written position description for each volunteer assignment
  • Provide on-going support and supervision for each volunteer assignment
  • Provide on-going training for each volunteer assignment
  • Provide follow-up, feedback, and recognition to each volunteer regarding their assignment

Upskill Mentor Training

As a Mentor you will be trained to work with adult learners during a comprehensive training workshop. You will be oriented to the history and mandate of The Dartmouth Learning Network and you will learn how low literacy skills affect your community. You will have hands-on training in the methods of mentoring adult learners and you will learn what happens once you are matched with a learner, or a group of learners. Topics include:
  • Student assessment, goal setting and evaluation
  • How to use resources
  • Reading & writing strategies
  • Workplace literacy
  • Training plans and evaluations
  • Using the computer as a learning tool
  • Follow up training on relevant literacy topics scheduled as needed
The sensitivity and teaching skills you learn in the training workshop(s) will benefit your work with your learner and may assist in other areas of your work/volunteer activities.
Training sessions occur in the spring and fall; call to find out when the next session will be held. Please note this is a professional development workshop, there is no cost for you to attend all we ask is that you make a six to twelve month commitment to helping an adult learner reach their learning goals.
Dartmouth Learning Network Commitment to Our Volunteers

  • Initial and ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Up to date adult teaching and resource materials
  • A friendly and professional working environment
  • Comfortable and secure lesson locations
  • Annual recognition of achievements
  • Regular updates of events
  • Ongoing support as needed
Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer.

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