Donation to Dartmouth Learning Network

Dartmouth Learning Network is a delivery agent of the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning, providing opportunities for adults to gain the skills they need to live and work. In addition to supporting adults to prepare for their GED or high school credits, Dartmouth Learning Network helps adults at the lowest literacy levels to improve their skills. We know through research that it's this work with individuals at the lowest literacy levels that has the largest economic return on investment - in fact, the economic return on investment is three times higher than investing in capital.

Through our adult upgrading classes and tutoring, our online learning portal, and our family literacy workshops, we are positively impacting the lives of hundreds of people each year.

Investing in our learners not only makes good economic sense, it also feels good. There is great pride in knowing that your donation is supporting an adult to better their life circumstances, resulting in a higher quality of life for themselves, their families, and those whose lives they touch.

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