About Us

The Dartmouth Learning Network provides opportunities for adults and their families to gain the essential skills necessary to live and work in a modern economy. Our vision is one where everyone has the skills they need to achieve their learning and career goals.

We provide free classes and one-to-one tutoring to adults who recognize literacy and learning as a vehicle to improve their life circumstances and those of their children.


Our Staff Team


Veronica McNeil, Executive Director     902.463.9179 extension 222 / executivedirector@dartmouthlearning.net

Tammy Shields, Community Learning Program Coordinator    902.463.9179 extension 223 / tutor@dartmouthlearning.net

Karen Janik, Administrative Assistant     902.463.9179 extension 221 / admin@dartmouthlearning.net


Instruction & Learning

Amanda Sabo, Instructor     902-463-9179 extension 227 / amanda@dartmouthlearning.net

Brent MacPhee, Instructor     902.463.9179 extension 224 / brent@dartmouthlearning.net

Gbone Okunaiya, Instructor & Family Literacy Coordinator     902.463.9179 extension 225 / gbone@dartmouthlearning.net

Jim Ryan; Evening GED Instructor     jim@dartmouthlearning.net

Adele Megann; Evening Reading Strategies Instructor     adele@dartmouthlearning.net



Governed by a volunteer board of directors, Dartmouth Learning Network is a registered nonprofit organization with charitable status.

Charitable Registration Number: 13308 9102 RR0001
Registry of Joint Stocks Number: 1925880

Our board of directors is made up of representation from adult learners, volunteers, local service agencies and learning institutes, the business community and members of the public. It meets six times per year to make decisions, set strategic goals, ensure that our purpose is adhered to and that our assets are properly allocated.

Current board members include Jennie Sanford (Chair), Phil Pelrine (Treasurer/Secretary) and Directors Patricia Derby, Richa Grewal, Trevor Nichols, Nancy Walters, and Daniel Turpin.

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