Preparing for the Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) tests on your own can be hard. We can help. Let us set you up for success. We help adult learners study and prepare by breaking down the study topics into easy-to-manage sections. We help learners assess when they are ready to write a CAEC test and support your learning needs.

  • Offered in small classes or one-to-one tutoring.
  • Ongoing enrollment from September to May

Academic Upgrading

Gain strategies to support your learning style as you build your reading, writing, communication, and/or math skills. We can offer a tailored program specific to your learning needs.

Offered via: in-person classes (daytime) or one-to-one tutoring (daytime/ some evenings as available).

Ongoing enrollment (Sep - May)


Aptitude Test Preparation

If you are preparing to write an aptitude test for career entry, post-secondary education, or apprenticeship, this program may be right for you. A program will be devised to fit your unique needs and can cover numeracy, spatial ability, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and problem-solving.

What can this program do for you?

  • Feel more confident when writing aptitude testing for the military, policing, or border security.
  • Build stronger skills for entry into manufacturing or writing a college entry assessment.
  • Improve your abilities in core knowledge required for apprenticeship exams

This is a new course offered at DLN, based on the success of Renfrew County District School Board’s program.

Offered via: in-person classes (daytime/evening) or one-to-one tutoring (daytime/evening as available).

Ongoing enrollment (Sep - May)

Canadian Forces Aptitude Test

Reading Strategies

For people who know how to read but who have never felt like strong readers or have never enjoyed reading.

Our Reading Strategies course will help you to strengthen your text- and document-comprehension skills. We'll learn about the science of reading, including decoding and analyzing words, and reading strategies for comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of text.

This course will give you the foundational reading skills needed for GED and other formal tests, academic study, and employment.

Ongoing enrollment (Sep - May)

Reading Strategies
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