Upgrading My Forgotten Skills by Allison R

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Here is a short journey of my life. I was born and raised in a small fishing community on the West Coast of Newfoundland. I am the eldest of 4 siblings and the 2nd eldest of 40 grandchildren on both sides. I struggled through school most of my life. I had lovely, patient parents when growing up, and a non-violent home. I respected my elders. I was a shy, quiet girl who never got in trouble.

I was a high school dropout at the age of 17. I decided to move up to Nova Scotia with my aunt in 1988. I have a good life, I have been with my partner for 24 years and we have 3 handsome, wonderful, active boys. Life is good!

Now that my children are getting educated, I thought it was time for this stay-at-home mother of 16 years to do something for herself. I wanted to upgrade my forgotten skills. I began searching the Internet and came across the Dartmouth Learning Network. I picked up the phone and asked for information. Mary Moore set up an appointment. I was tested. She said I'd probably be starting in her level 2B class in September of 2012. I was a little nervous at first but I'm glad to be here. The teachers are awesome, and the students are fun to be around. It is such a positive place to be. Yours truly, Allison R.

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