Stacy speaks about her DLN Experience

Stacy speaks about her DLN Experience

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Stacy Dehaney is not someone who would normally share her story in a community newspaper. She’s shy and private. But yet, here she is.

While waiting for her residence status after immigrating to Canada in 2013, Stacy decided to be pro-active and begin preparing to enter the workforce. She searched for General Educational Development (GED) -prep programs online and found the Dartmouth Learning Network. While she felt confident with most subjects, she knew she needed help in the area of math. She contacted the Dartmouth Learning Network and enrolled in their GED math program.

“The location was perfect for me as it was an easy bus ride from my home,” says Stacy. “There was no cost to the program and they supplied work material and, from time to time, bus tickets to help me get there when needed.”

When asked what she liked most about the Dartmouth Learning Network, Stacy responded, “Everyone was so nice and friendly, but I would have to say that my teacher, Mary Moore, was the key to my success. She was so patient and understanding that I felt at ease and comfortable when asking questions. She always made it a pleasure to learn.”

“At times I felt like I couldn’t do it, especially with math being my weakness,” says Stacy. “But, with Mary’s help, I did it.”

Stacy is very proud to have achieved her GED. It has had a big impact on her and her family. “Now that I have my GED, it opens up so many employment opportunities. In fact, my present job as a commissionaire is a result of having my GED.The program has enabled me to have a job that I enjoy and has given me the opportunity to further my education, and contribute to my family.”

“It is my pleasure to share my story,” says Stacy. “I hope it will help to encourage others who may have doubt in themselves to take the program, and to realize their potential.”

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