Math for all ages

Math for All Ages

Created by adult learners for Level One students, this math workbook focuses on the history, geography and government of Canada. It is divided into 35 lessons, which are:

  • Created by adult learners
  • Relevant to Canadians in all parts of the country
  • Designed to allow a gradual skill progression
  • Clearly laid out
  • Fun and interesting

Sample pages from Math for All Ages:

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My Backyard: A Workbook for New Adult Readers (1999)

This workbook has been created in Nova Scotia by adult learners for adult learners. A group of students from the Dartmouth Learning Network (DLN) compiled learner-written stories and exercises. These discuss their personal challenges and life experiences, which are at times related to life in Nova Scotia.

The book is divided into 25 lessons which are:

  • Aimed at new readers
  • Created by learners
  • Offer inspiration for further learning
  • Have clearly laid out lessons with lots of opportunity for review and reinforcement of skills.
Teaching tips and ideas for learning in the community are also included. Both books provide a solid literacy and numeracy foundation and prepare students for DLN’s My Backyard (Level One/Two).

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