Please Do Not Give Up If You are Determined to Succeed by Jeff C

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In 2003 I went to Dartmouth Work Activity Society (also known as DWAS.). While I was attending there, I noticed I needed more academic learning time than the 3 days they had for us students. I asked the instructor if they had or knew of another place that they could provide me with a teacher who stands up in front of the class to teach students like a public school of some sort. He said yes, and I asked would I be able to attend there? They took me aside and set me up with a test to see if I was at the level in order to attend that program. The program I was told about was called the Cunard Learning Centre in Halifax. At the Cunard Learning Centre there was a teacher in the class present with you to teach the students the skills we needed to get our Diploma and to go further in life with our learning abilities so that we can move on an get a career or a job that fits our needs. The school was full time Mon-Fri so it gave the students more time to learn instead of only three days of academics. So when I was there I passed both levels 2,3 and then I moved on to the Flexible Learning & Education Centre also known as (FLEC.) The good thing about that was it was in the same building so I never really had to travel too far.

As I was attending FLEC, I found out I had a son coming along. Then I got frightened by the news only because I was in school full time but they say when you panic things get messy so I didn’t. I just needed a job. I said to myself at the time that the program I went to was different hours. I noticed then that I was in a dilemma. I then had no choice but go to work and take care of my son only because at the time school would not feed my little one and so I did. After awhile I wasn’t making enough money and tried doing all these different jobs. In the meantime, I was hitting dead ends everywhere I would go. I said to myself I've got to go back to school to get somewhere better in life since I quit and haven’t finished receiving my Grade 12. I then tried everything in my power to do so.

I went to NSCC to set a testing date, and went to do the test and failed but that never stopped me. I tried all different things to get back in school and had not found any resources until one of the instructors at the NSCC mentioned the Dartmouth Learning Network to me and gave me the number to call so I did. I called and received a date to go in and talk to someone. I arrived on the day of my assessment and met Zoe, one of the coordinators and it went GREAT!!! I received a call about a week and a couple of days before my Birthday to say I had be accepted into the program. I was excited because of what I had done and tried to do and had not succeeded but they say if you give up you will be guaranteed to fail. So I want to let people know that if you proceed with your GOALS that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. So PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP, and if you are determined you will succeed just like practice does not make PERFECT!! It makes you SUCCEED in the finer things in LIFE. And now I am here at the Dartmouth Learning Network to do that. I started on my Birthday. How ironic is that!

I am still attending now on February 17, 2013. I have Classes Mon-Fri with a teacher whose name is Mary. She is GREAT also. If you want to go back to school this is the place to start. I would RECOMMEND this place to any person out there who really wants to. Please just stick to your goals, try hard and never give up because anything is POSSIBLE and don’t ever think in the long run that you are too old because I am 29 and I’m still going. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!

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