National Tell A Story Day

National Tell A Story Day

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By Kari O’Connor

One of the best ways to connect in a real, personal way with friends and family is by telling stories. Whether we’re at a family cookout, or gathering for a holiday, birthday, or just getting together to hang out, we all love to share stories to bond and reminisce. April 27th in the States is National Tell A Story Day, and telling stories is a great way to achieve satisfaction and bring you closer together with your friends and family.  

Share With Your Family

Some of the best stories are the ones that are told by your very own family. When I was a kid, when my Dad would have cookouts during the summer, he used to love to tell stories about his childhood in Pittsburgh with his brother. On the other hand, when I got a little older – particularly in high school – my Dad loved to tell stories to my friends at birthday dinners about me as a kid, and most of them were embarrassing. These stories give us a little history of ourselves and where our families come from. Sharing stories of your own family is a great way to remember and grow closer together. 

Remembrance Stories

Tell A Story Day is also the perfect excuse to remember our loved ones who have passed on in the form of the memories we have of them. Taking the day to tell the stories of your favorite memories will let their memories live on. For me, I love telling stories about my Mom – it gives my friends an insight into how awesome a person she was, and it’s a way for me to properly remember her. A great way to recall old stories is to go through your photo albums and tell the story of particular pictures – I’ve remembered many stories that way! 

Cultivate Your Storytelling Skills

Of course, Tell A Story Day doesn’t necessarily have to be about stories that are true! When’s the last time you spun a good tale? Making up a story can help you work on your creativity, public speaking skills, or even your comedic timing. If you have little ones, making up a story to tell them as they fall asleep can give them memories for years to come, and maybe even inspire you to be more creative!



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