Learning Has No Boundaries or Age Limits by Debbie D

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Hi, my name is Debby D. I moved back home about four years ago from Calgary with my son. It was only for a visit but I decided to stay and help my mom with my dad and help my daughter with her son.

I needed something to do in my spare time so I decided to go into a program called Women Unlimited. It was a great program - very positive and the teacher was very inspiring. After I finished, I took an Oil Burner Trade. When I finished my Oil Burner Trade, I didn't feel comfortable with doing it because I didn't have my grade 12 so I decided that the next trade I took I would get my grade 12 first. So here I am ready and willing to learn at the Dartmouth Learning Network.

After I get my grade 12, I plan to go to Culinary School. When I was a young girl growing up, I always enjoyed cooking and planning menus for my family and for special occasions. Cooking is my passion and I just pray to God that He will give me the knowledge that I need to move to the next chapter in my life.

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