Volunteer of the Year 2020

Volunteer of the Year 2020

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The Dartmouth Learning Network Volunteer of the Year Award is given to a volunteer who not only helps us work toward our vision and mission, but also contributes to our learner, volunteer and staff community.

This year we recognize Tina Prosser-Cameron for her tireless efforts and dedication to her role as a volunteer tutor. When it comes to providing learning opportunities for her learner match, Tina’s creativity is second to none! She combines her learner’s interests with community activities to help increase literacy in practical ways. From shopping trips to the grocery store, field trips to a nursery to talk about plants, or developing menus for special family meals, Tina is always thinking outside the box.

Her enthusiasm for her own learning also knows no bounds. She consistently participates in DLN training events and collaborates with DLN staff around teaching methods and strategies. Through continued hard work and dedication, Tina completed the Literacy Practitioner Training Certification this year, a learning experience which she highly recommends. DLN congratulates Tina on a job well done!

Tina continues to step up to contribute to DLN special events and celebrations, contributing her favourite dishes to potlucks and sharing ideas for workshops. She always makes herself available to other volunteers to share her tutoring experiences and to learn from others. Tina has also increased her own knowledge of vital services in the community that are important to our learners and gladly shares them with those who need them the most. She is not only a mentor, but an advocate for DLN programs, services and learners.

Tina is thoughtful, kind, engaging, enthusiastic, supportive, patient, accommodating and always colorful in both appearance and personality! She is a ray of sunshine on the darkest of days and a true inspiration to the volunteer community! DLN is very fortunate and truly blessed to have such a dedicated volunteer on our team.


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