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We get a lot of calls from people who want to learn about computers and technology. And, usually what one person wants to learn isn't always what the person next to them wants to learn. With this in mind, we've established three different computer and technology courses. Each course consists of a mix of classroom instruction and time to focus on individual learning goals.  An emphasis is placed on introducing you to online tutorials and resources to foster your ability to learn technology independently.

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Computer Basics

Our Computer Basics class provides adults who have little to no experience using the computer with a safe place to experiment and learn.  We cover everything from turning on the computer to typing and setting up and using a personal email account. This course will replace your fear of computers with a desire to learn more!

Computers for Work

This class will focus on key skills that most workplaces expect from their workers. Geared towards adults with little work experience or those looking to make a career change, Computers for Work covers everything from emailing and email etiquette to word processing and spreadsheets. You will walk away from this course with confidence in both your skills and your ability to grow your skills in the workplace.

Tablets & Smart Phones

The way of the future, many industries and homes are moving away from expensive and clunky computers and replacing them with tablets and smartphones.  This class will help you to understand how they work, how you can make them work for you, and how to confidently navigate apps, cloud technology and privacy issues.

Our computer and technology classes are open to adults aged 19 and over who have not completed high school.

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