Winter Intake & Registration – January 24, 2018

Winter Intake & Registration – January 24, 2018

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The Dartmouth Learning Network welcomes new adult learners to join our programs this winter. It's easy to get involved; simply follow these easy steps:

1. Call us about your learning goals. On the phone, we will take some general information from you and help you to identify whether or not our services will meet your needs.

2. Schedule a time to visit us to learn more about us and to do a little reading, writing, and math with us. One of our staff team will work with you to assess your current skill level and map out a learning plan.

3. Wait to hear from us about your class and/or tutoring schedule. It can take up to two weeks to review your learning plan, find a suitable tutor and/or coordinate classroom schedules. For tutoring it may take longer than two weeks to find the right match for you but, we promise we will call you within two weeks to give you an update on our progress.

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