We’ll See What the Future Brings by Laura H

We’ll See What the Future Brings by Laura H

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Hello. My name is Laura H. I was born in Halifax. My childhood was good but we moved a lot so it made it hard to make friends. I went to so many schools it was hard to keep track of them all. I hated school because I was teased a lot. I was getting called fat, teacher's pet, and teased because of my speech and my clothing. I was also in the IPP program.

Then my mom and dad split. It was hard for my sister and me. So my sister and I tried to get them back together, but it never worked.

When I turned 16, I started my first job at Dairy Queen. Then I applied at the Country Inn & Suites and I got the job. I have been there ever since. I worked at Mark's Work Wear House doing seasonal work. Now I've worked at KFC for almost 4 years and the hotel for 7 years.

I applied at Eastern College but the classes were too big for me. I learn hands-on. So I had to drop out of that school. My friend Karla looked up schools and she found the Dartmouth Learning Network. So I applied and I received a phone call from the school saying I got in. I have been there ever since that day. I enjoy the classes and teachers. I have learned so many things now.

My learning journey is hands-on and one-on-one with the teachers. I'm determined to get my life on track with no one bringing me down. For my future, I want a good-paying job and a career. I still haven't decided what I want to do yet. I was thinking about working with children but the pay isn't good. So we'll see what the future brings.

By Laura H.

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