Discovering I am Good at Math by Mary-Anne W

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My name is Mary-Anne. I grew up in Cook's Brook. I went to Middle Musquodoboit Rural High until Grade 10. Then I thought I was smart to move with a friend to Sackville and finish high school in town. So I started going to Sackville High. I met lots of people there - too many people - and got side-tracked by hanging out with them and missing school. I eventually quit school.

When I was 18, I started back to school and started going every day. Then when I found out I was pregnant, I finished school as far as I could. Some of my Grade 11 was done. Then I moved to my mom and dad's in Meagher Grant. My mom helped me a lot with my son. I was living on my own, and had no transportation to go anywhere.

I started to look for a place to live in town where I would have access to a bus. I have been here three years now and last year I decided to go back to school and started attending the Dartmouth Learning Network. I am in Level two and really liking it. I am ready to learn now and am finding out that I am actually really good at math.

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